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The Bank of Canada delivers another rate hike. Are more on the way?
The Bank of Canada delivered a quarter-point rate hike this week, bringing its key lending rate to 4.75%. Markets had been split over whether the Bank would choose to lift rates at this meeting...
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Mortgage Brokers: A resource to help achieve all of your financial goals
Mortgage Brokers: A resourceto help achieve all of your financial goalsSome people think that the only time to reach out to a mortgage broker is when they’re in the market for a new house.But as...
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Mortgage consumers benefit from professional guidance and support: CMHC
The homebuying process can be overwhelming for anybody, but even more so for first-time homebuyers. But whether for a first-time home purchase or a second or third, all homebuyers benefit from...
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How to prepare your home for the upcoming spring homebuying market
The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring herald an awakening not only in nature, but typically also in the country’s housing market... And with housing inventory being tighter than normal, a...
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